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Contracting and Employment Compliance

Due to local and/or federal requirements, the real estate development and construction community is often required to adhere to contracting and hiring requirements that benefit local businesses and residents. These requirements are not always clear and often lead to confusion for those required to abide by them. Our job is to eliminate this confusion which allows developers and general contractors to complete projects without the worry of falling out of compliance. At Pantera Management Group we understand your requirements and work with you to ensure your requirements are understood and adhered to.

Small Business Development Services

When needed, PMG works with small businesses on behalf of our clients. In instances when businesses are unsure how to engage the project, PMG will work with businesses individually or collectively so they are equipped with all the necessary tools and information to succeed. We assist businesses obtain certifications as well as any other program requirements that are necessary in order to perform work on a project.


PMG believes it is imperative for organizations to establish open communication within the communities they serve. Therefore, PMG works closely with our clients to make sure appropriate project messaging is broadcast to the surrounding residential and business community. Messaging is delivered through several means including, but not limited to, email announcements, community newsletters, and community engagement meetings. When needed, PMG also engages appropriate city agencies and legislative leaders who all have a common goal of guaranteeing project success. These actions create maximum awareness of all facets of the project. We believe that raising the awareness of all project stakeholders creates a better informed community.

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